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Sunday, June 23, 2024

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Download the current Adobe Reader to view the forms below.

The City of San Jose currently does not accept online electronic forms. These forms must be filled out, both sides if applicable, and mailed to: Finance Department, 200 East Santa Clara Street, San Jose, Ca 95113-1905 or brought to: First Floor Customer Service Area, Windows 1 or 2 at the same address as above.
Instructions for completing Business Tax Registration Form



  Going into Business in San Jose

Out-of-Town Business Tax Schedule

  Home Occupation Information

City of San Jose Planning Department Links


Tax Schedule & Fees

Financial Hardship Exemption Program
  Business Tax Forms  
  Marijuana Business Tax Return Regulatory Permit
Business Tax Exemption Request

Special Request for Business Tax Data Form


Business Tax, Rental Property

Disposal Facility Tax Refund Request


Business Tax Hardship Exemption Request

Real Estate Broker declaration of Employed Sales Agents

  Business Tax Refund/Credit Request Change of Address Form
  Receiving Station Permit Objectors List
  Receiving Station Use Permit Application Objectors List  (Addresses where handbills may not be posted )



  Telephone Line Tax (TLT)

Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT)

  TLT Registration Form Transient Occupancy Tax Exemption Claim
TLT Remittance Form Transient Occupancy Tax Remittance Form
  Ordinance 74528, Measure J

Transient Occupancy Tax Refund


Transient Occupancy Tax 30-Day Exemption Form

  Utility Users Tax Convention Center Facilities District Tax
  Utility Users Tax (Electricity, Gas, Water) Rate & Method of Apportionment of CCFD
  UUT Registration Form

C.C.F.D. Remittance Form

  UUT Exemption Request Form Formation of CCFD
  UUT Refund Claim Form Formation of CCFD, Supplemental
  Telecommunication Utility Users Tax City Notices to Lodging Operators
  Telecommunication Remittance Form CCFD FAQ's
  Ordinance 74527, Measure K  

Conveyance Tax

Hotel Business Improvement Forms

  Real Property Conveyance Tax Refund Claim

Hotel Business Improvement District Fee Remittance Form



Finance Department
200 East Santa Clara Street San Jose, CA 95113
tel. (408) 535-7000 fax (408) 292-6482


The City of San Jose is committed to open and honest government and strives to consistently meet the community’s expectations by providing excellent service, in a positive and timely manner, and in the full view of the public.

Please View the City of San Jose's Code of Ethics, Council Policy 0-15

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